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Air Gun Tagrets Holders and Reactive Targets

The goal of this site is to help people rediscover the fun with air gun shooting. Air guns have come a long way over the last 10 years. Now they are more accurate and powerful.

Today’s modern air guns have many uses such as plinking, target shooting, hunting, and small pest control. With the accuracy improvements we now are able to reach out further and further with air guns. Now some of shoot our air guns accurately at ranges that were once reserved for rim fire rifles.

I am always amazed at the accuracy of some of my air rifles. One day I was messing around and moved my paper target out to 50 yards. At first I just wanted to see how much pellet drop I would get at 50 yards when my air rifle was zeroed for 20 yards. So I rested my bipod on a plastic table and proceeded to shoot 5 shots.

I went down and retrieved the paper target to find that I was hitting a 1/4 inch low at 50 yards.

I showed it to my friends that were busy shooting trap, they were all impressed with the small group. I laid the target on the tailgate of my pickup truck and reached into my pocket to grab a quarter. All five shots could be covered by the quarter!

I was happy, and saved the target.

Later that night I was sitting in my home office where I had the paper target lying on the desk. I went to the fridge and retrieved a cold bottle of beer. I opened the bottle as I was sitting down and tossed the cap onto the desk where it landed on the target. Then it dawned on me, I slid the cap over the 5 shot group and thought to myself...

If I am going to get any better at air gunning I need to push myself with smaller targets.

I knew that my air gun was capable of shooting bottle cap groups at 50 yards, so I need to create a 50yard air gun target. And that is what I did!

bottle cap target

When I shoot with other people I place the beer cap target holder at 20 yards (the first zero point of my air rifle) after the beer caps are shot off I place golf tees in the holes and use the tees to hold paint balls, jelly beans, or other small inexpensive disposable targets.


The next target idea came to me when I was invited to an air gun fun shoot. I am an avid hunter and really enjoy squirrel shooting especially with an air gun. I usually go squirrel hunting twice a year to a location that is 320 miles away. One reason I make the long trek is because of the sheer number of belding ground squirrels. They are a real problem for alpha farmers in the surprise valley. The squirrels are so thick you could shoot over a hundred squirrels on one square acre, then return to the same spot the next day and do it again. It is like you weren’t even there.

Missing the fun of shooting the squirrels at various ranges, I created the squirrel simulator target.

squirrel simulator

Now when I go air gun shooting/ plinking I drag a box of 24 squirrel simulator targets with me. I scatter them and stand them up at various ranges. I set some up close at 20 yards then all the way out to 100 yards. This gives me a great realistic shooting scenario to hone my air gun skills.

Before I shoot each one I use a range finder to rang it. Then I guess the holdover or hold under required for a head shot hit. I then double check the trajectory chart I have mounted on my air gun to verify I have the right holdover. Then I take the shot!




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